Google Expanding AI-Based Content Consulting For More Searches


Google has announced the expansion of content advisory for searches where its AI systems do not have high confidence in the overall quality of the results available for search. Pandu Nayak, vice president at Google Search, said this does not mean that there is no useful information available, or that a particular result is low-quality.

“These notices provide context about the full set of results on the page and you can always see the results of your query, even if the advice is present,” he said in a blog post late Thursday.

“We have invested deeply in both information quality and information literacy on Google Search and News and today we have some new developments on this important task,” Nayak said.

Google also introduced the latest AI model called Multitask Unified Model (MUM) to improve search result quality in the ‘snippets’ that are shown at the top of the page for searches.

The company said it has systems trained to be better at detecting false premises, which are not very common, but there are cases where it is not helpful to show a featured snippet.

“With this update, we have reduced the triggering of Featured Snippets in these cases by up to 40 percent,” Google said.

Google is also adding more context to the ‘About this result’ feature, such as how widely a source is circulated, online reviews of a source or a company, whether the company is owned by another entity. Yes, or even when our system is not getting much information about one source.

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