Google Photos Introduces New filters for the ‘Real Tone’ of the Skin

Google Photos

Tech giant Google has added new filters to Google Photos that will help users show their skin in its true colors.

According to 9to5Google, with the Pixel 6 series, the tech giant has worked to adjust the phone’s camera to more accurately capture a wide variety of human skin, so that people can see their true self in photos.

At Google I/O, the company released Monk Skin Tone Scale, an open-source library that helps make machine learning of images more inclusive by better interpretable tones and shaders.

At the time, the company announced that Monk Scale would soon be put to use within the Google Photos app to offer special filters that tweak people’s skin tones in photos previously taken by users.

As shared on Twitter, these new real tone filters are now available for Google Photos users on Android, iOS and the web.

Once the feature goes live, users should have a suite of new options in the ‘Filters’ tab of Google Photo Editor, along with options like Playa, Isla, Honey and Dessert.

According to Google, the filters were specifically designed to ‘work well across all skin tones’.

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