Hero Electric Scooter Caught Fire, Company Said ‘Short Circuit in Power Socket’

Electric Scooter

A Hero Photon electric scooter allegedly caught fire while charging in Odisha and the scooter was partially damaged in the incident.

According to media reports, the incident was first reported on Wednesday and the reason is believed to be a short circuit in the power socket from where the electric scooter was being charged overnight.

The company said in a statement, “When contacted, the customer reported that he heard unusual cracking sounds and found that smoke was coming from the electric switchboard of the house adjacent to the e-scooter and sparks were continuously falling on the floor and nearby There was a can of paint lying around.”

“By the time he switched off the mains and tried to come back and put out the fire, it had spread badly and burnt the back of the scooter and some household items,” it said.

The company reportedly mentioned that its technical team later visited the spot and analyzed the rear portion of the scooter which was burnt.

The company said, “The most likely cause of fire was due to the contact of AC phase and earth wire with each other (causing) short c++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ertt happened.”

The company further added, “We have also offered to help the customer replace the burnt out parts on cost basis and thoroughly test his refurbished scooter for roadability.”

Hero Electric is one of the leading Electric Two-Wheeler manufacturers in India selling a diverse range of Electric Scooter for a diverse range of customers.

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