Imran Fraudulently Obtained ‘Objectionable Videos’ For Blackmail

Maryam Nawaz

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz has said that strict action should be taken against former Prime Minister Imran Khan for blackmailing former NAB President Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal through objectionable videos, media reports.

Responding to PTI’s criticism over the amendment to the NAB Act, the ruling party leader said those who were creating a ruckus over the change in accountability laws, targeted their political opponents by blackmailing the former NAB chief, the Express Tribune reported.

“He (Imran Khan) tricked Tayyaba Khatoon and kept her in the Prime Minister’s residence for weeks. He took videos of the NAB President and then blackmailed him through these videos,” Maryam wrote on her official Twitter handle on Tuesday.

In May 2019, audio and video clips related to the alleged conduct of the then NAB president in relation to a woman identified as Tayyaba Khatoon, who was facing investigation by NAB authorities, had taken the political-media by storm.

The Anti-Corruption Watchdog Had Denied the Allegations

Tayyaba had filed a complaint with the Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) that “The then NAB President is harassing me and my family. He is making fake cases against me and my husband just because I didn’t have a relationship with him.”

NAB is threatening me. I am a law student. How does he insult a woman like this. Former NAB president is a morally ill person. I have all the video and audio recordings against him, I am on video. I am attaching some screenshots.

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