In Ranchi, A Team of Three Doctor-Engineers Made A Device to Prevent Depression, the Center Approved the Startup


If a person has symptoms of depression or is suspected to be suffering from depression, then a headband or cap with a special device will inform it.

This unique device has been developed jointly by the team of Dr. Nishant Goyal of Central Institute of Psychiatry, a renowned mental hospital in Ranchi, Dr. Rakesh Sinha of BIT and Shalini Mahto, Lecturer of Triple IT, Ranchi.

The MSME Ministry of the Central Government has approved financial assistance of Rs 15 lakh for this device as a startup.

It is worth noting that in order to work on new and innovative ideas of startups, the MSME Ministry of the Central Government has started the scheme of financial assistance a few years back.

For this, a proposal of 19 ideas was sent to the center this year from Jharkhand Tool Room. Two of these proposals have been approved. This idea of ​​anti depression device is one of them.

The name of this device is Hybrid Depression Detection System. Shalini says that this device will be mounted in a headband or cap.

By wearing it, signals from the person’s brain will reach the mobile app through the server connected to it and will give a clear indication of whether the person has symptoms or fears of depression.

Not only this, even if the person is having thoughts like suicide attempt, then this device will alert by sending a signal to the app. Through this app, the family members and doctors of that person will also get to know about his mental condition.

According to Shalini, depression is a big problem of today’s era. To find out if a person is in depression, doctors have to do long counseling till now. Now with the help of this device this task will become easy. After long research on how to use technology to prevent depression and its treatment at the right time, success has been achieved in developing this device.

The central government will provide technical-legal assistance along with financial assistance of Rs 15 lakh to prepare it as a product for commercial use. The price of this device can be up to 30 thousand rupees. Funding can further reduce the cost of its production.

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