Increase in Cab Fares in Kabul Due to Hike in Fuel Price


Taxis in Kabul have become very expensive due to the increase in fuel price in Afghanistan. This information has been received from Afghanistan media.

As reported by Tolo News, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment cited a jump in oil prices in international markets and problems with money transfers abroad.

ACCI Acting Head Mohd Yunus Momand said, “Banking issue is a common issue and we are hopeful that transfer of funds abroad will be facilitated at the earliest as traders need to transfer money abroad for imports. “

Oil Prices Have Risen Significantly in the Past Week.

Amanullah, a resident of Kabul, said, “Taxi cabs used to be 30 Afghanis but now it has become 40 Afghanis.”

According to the report of Tolo News, last week the price of one liter of diesel was around 90 Afghani. Now a liter of diesel costs 100 Afghani.

Taxi drivers say their business has been affected by high fuel prices.

Afghanistan imports oil from Central Asian countries and Iran.

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