Indian Mobile Companies: Here is a list of ‘Made in India’ cell phones.


There have been Indian mobile companies that give fantastic smartphone, and mobile phones and all of them are based in the country and manufactured in India. Click here for a list.

Because of recent tensions at the nation’s territory among India and China, many Indian people have made the decision to have a complete ban on the products of both Chinese and other countries. I am keen to use stuff produced in India and therefore help with the economic system. We are already going to move toward more India based mobile phones and brands. In India, there are a lot of companies that offer some stunning services and enhancements.

Indian mobile companies, and smartphones Made in India

Micromax Informatics

Micromax Informatics is India’s biggest manufacturer of telephones. It makes handsets low-cost and affordable and has also produced LED television sets and laptops. Company’s headquarters are established at Gurugram, Haryana. In 2008 they began selling cell phones. The company’s co-founders include Mohit Sharma, Dewas, and Rohit Patel. Any of Micromax’s popular models include Canvas Infinite and Infinity N11.

Karbonn Mobiles

Karbonn Mobiles manufacturers make mobile phone accessories to make smartphones, tablets, and accessories. The cellphone company is a joint project between Bengaluru-based Delhi-based Jaina Group and UTL Group. Its main office is in Delhi. In countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and The Middle East and Europe, it also is spread across. In the year 2009, Karbonn began attempting to create mobile phones available to the public. Famous models in Carbon include Titanium S9 Plus, Karbonn Vue 1, K9 Smart Plus.

Lava International

In the year 2009 Lava International set up its ground in India. The company was started by its chairman and managing director Hari Om Rai to empower the people with the greatest throughout their hands. In 2018 CMR Retail Sentiment Index Lava was ranked as the ‘Most Trustworthy Brand.’ It is the only company in India to provide full architecture and fabrication.

Xolo smartphones

Xolo Smartphones are next on the Indian Mobiles ranking. XOLO is a joint venture of Lava International. Its office is in Noida. XOLO has become the first company to launch an Intel-processor mobile phone, the XOLO X900. It is very renowned for the XOLO Black and XOLO Q series.

YU Televentures is a brand in India and a subsidiary of Micromax Informatics Limited and Cyanogen Inc. Headquarters for YU are established in Gurugram, Haryana. Rahul Sharma, Micromax’s co-founder, owns a 99 per cent stake in YU. Two of YU Televentures’ gorgeous models are YU Yunique 2, YU Yureka 2, and YU Ace.

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