Instagram Launches New ‘1 Minute Music’ Tracks For Reels in India


Meta-owned photo-sharing Instagram on Thursday announced a new platform ‘1 Minute Music’ track for Reels, which is currently available only for Indian users.

The new platform offers a set of music tracks and videos for use on reels and stories, and includes music from 200 artists from across the country, the company said.

Paras Sharma, Director, Content and Community Partner, Facebook India (META), said in a statement, “Music is the catalyst for trends on Instagram today. In fact, Reel is becoming a platform for people to discover music and artists as well. “

He added, “With ‘1 Minute Music’, we are now giving people access to an exclusive set of tracks that they can use to make their reels more enjoyable.

We are looking forward to the same. That this platform serves as a model for established and emerging artists to share their music.”

The Company Said That Reel is A Growing Global Platform to Discover Artists and Music

The company further added, “Since launch, artists have been using it to launch their music and share it with others, which in turn is fueling many trends on the platform.

To further promote it And to highlight or inspire others with their talents, Instagram is now releasing the property ‘1 Minute Music’.”

‘1 Minute Music’ will be available for the public to use in Reels’ audio gallery.

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