iPhone 14 Pro May Have ‘Always on Display’ Feature


As Apple prepares to unveil the new generation of iPhones, a new report says that its Pro version may come with ‘Always on Display’ due to better screen refresh rate.

According to Gizmochina, the iPhone 13 Pro series came with a ProMotion display with a 120Hz refresh rate, which looks like this year’s iPhone 14 Pro model will also include this display technology with some upgrades.

For the unaware, the iPhone 13 Pro series featured LTPO panels with variable refresh rates that allowed for better power efficiency.

The Promotion Display was originally able to preserve battery life by only producing fast frame rates when needed. However, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max display only supported refresh rates between 10 Hz and 120 Hz.

On the other hand, offerings from brands like Oppo and Samsung could go as low as 1 Hz, the report said.

According to the report, well-known display analyst Ross Young believes that the next generation iPhones will use a promotion panel that can drop to even 1Hz refresh rate.

This would mean that the iPhone maker may soon be able to offer better features as well as improve its battery life on upcoming smartphones. One of these better features includes Always On Display.

A recent report says that the company is preparing four new iPhone models for this year, which include the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Max and 14 Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 and Pro models will come with a 6.1-inch screen, while the Max and Pro Max models will come with a 6.7-inch screen.

However, the tech giant may discontinue the 5.4-inch iPhone mini this year.

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