It is now possible to transcribe Google Meet calls to text

Google Meet

Tech giant Google has announced that Meet calls can now be transcribed in text and users can save them in Google Doc format.

According to Android Central, the saved file can be accessed from Google Drive. Google Meet is one of the most popular apps, especially after replacing the Google Duo app for iOS and Android devices.

However, Google has revealed a new feature that can be accessed in Google Meet for desktop or laptop clients and is available only for the English language.

Google said that the transcribed file can be stored in the same ‘Meeting Recordings’ folder of the Google Meet app, which is with Google Drive storage. Before joining a Google Meet call, attendees will be notified that the call has been transcribed.

These transcripts are intended to capture the discussion of the meeting, serve as a record and are helpful as a follow-up for the attendee or host if he or she wishes to miss a particular section or point in the entire discussion.

Another feature is that the transcript will automatically be attached to the relevant calendar invitation for the meeting and the transcribed file for meetings of up to 200 attendees will be shared with meeting organizers, hosts, co-hosts and individual users , who initiated transcription.

The new facility is expected to launch on October 24. This Google Workspace will be available for Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Teaching and Learning upgrade customers.

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