Katrina Kaif Remembers the Scene of Akshay Kumar Slapping in ‘Sooryavanshi’

Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar

Actress Katrina Kaif slapped Bollywood star Akshay Kumar in the film ‘Sooryavanshi’ directed by Rohit Shetty. Now once again the actress has remembered that moment. ‘Sooryavanshi’ is all set to premiere on television.

Talking about the moment, Katrina said, “Shooting for a Rohit Shetty film is a totally different experience, I must say, and sharing it with Akshay Kumar made it even more exciting. I found it a sight to behold. Remember where I had to slap Akshay and I was hesitant because it was a real tight slap in the face.”

The actress recalled her old 2007 blockbuster “Welcome” and said it gives me the same experience.

End Pictures premiere of ‘Sooryavanshi’ will take place on August 6.

Featured Image via Instagram.com

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