Kyiv: Indian Eatery ‘Saathiya’ Turns Into Makeshift Bunker

Since Russia began its attack on Ukraine last Thursday, Manish Dave’s restaurant ‘Saathiya’ in Kyiv, has provided shelter to more than 130 people.

As a battle with raiding Russian military rages overhead, the owner of an Indian restaurant in Kyiv has extended his doors for all those examining for shelter.

Since Russia began its attack on Ukraine last Thursday, Manish Dave’s restaurant ‘Saathiya’ has been duplicated as a makeshift bunker. Mr. Dave’s eatery has given more than 130 people shelter.

Manish Dave related the media house that he would resume delivering food and shelter to people for as prolonged as possible.

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv lanes have been converted into a war zone in the past week. In such a troublesome time, “Saathiya” has given shelter to Indians stuck in Ukraine and the locals. Pursuing safety, dozens of students, pregnant women, children, and homeless people have completed at the eatery.

“Many Ukrainian nationals came here as well, hoping they would be safe. But, unfortunately, the restaurant is like a bomb shelter as it is beneath the basement,” Mr. Dave quoted.

When Russia launched a military offensive on Thursday, Mr. Dave served chicken biryani to those seeking shelter at his eatery. But there have been apprehensions about the food stocks. He told the media that they could not refill on rations due to the restrictions on the action.

“We now own rice and flour to last 4-5 days, but we require to buy vegetables and other stuff,” Mr. Dave stated.

Mr. Dave transferred to Kyiv from Vadodara in October 2021. He extended the restaurant to bring the Indian civilization to Ukraine and provide the Indians there a taste of home.

Over 20,000 Indian students were stranded in Ukraine when Russia started its invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the administration has evacuated 6,000 citizens and intends to get all Indians around in three days.

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