Largest nuclear-armed countries should take responsibility: China

Nuclear Weapon

The United Nations General Assembly held a high-level meeting on 26 September to celebrate the International Day for the Destruction of All Nuclear Weapons. In his speech, China’s deputy representative to the UN, Kang Shwang, said in his speech that the largest nuclear weapons storage countries should take their special and primary responsibility to actually reduce their weapons storage on a large scale.

Kang Shwang said that for a long time, some countries engaged in the strategic competition of so-called big countries, constantly tried to strengthen military alliances and wage factionalism. They have been adamant on running nuclear submarine cooperation.

Such action would intensify nuclear weapons competition and increase the risk of nuclear proliferation, which would prevent international nuclear disarmament. Such action should be stopped.

Kang Shwang said that no country should protect itself at the cost of the security of another country. China urges the international community to actively respond to global security initiatives so as to protect world peace and tranquility together.

He said that China will stick to the path of peaceful development and will not always use nuclear weapons first at any time and under any circumstances by adopting a deterrent nuclear strategy.

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