‘Lock Up’ Contestant Anjali Arora’s New Song ‘Sufi Sufi’ Released

'Lock Up' Contestant Anjali Arora's New Song 'Sufi Sufi' Released

Punjabi romantic track ‘Sufi Sufi’ featuring ‘Kacha Badam’ fame Anjali Arora released on Friday. The song is written and sung by Punjabi artist Dilraj Grewal. He can be seen romancing Anjali in the music video.

Anjali became an internet sensation after dancing to the song ‘Kacha Badam’. This led to her being selected as a contestant in the reality show ‘Lock Up’ hosted by Kangana Ranaut, where rumors about her romance with comedian Munawar Faruqui had spread by then.

The Song ‘Sufi Sufi’ Has Been Shot in Moscow

The production design of the song is luxurious and has some beautiful locations.

Commenting on the release of the song, the producer and owner of music label Saga Music, S.D. Sumeet Singh said, “I will keep on bringing in new faces and talent and will go against the typecast standards of showcasing only a few well-known faces. I also believe that India is full of hidden talents like Dilraj Grewal who can only be one right. Waiting for the stage.”

Dilraj is also gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Kulche Chole’ with social media sensation Jannat Zubair.

Music label Saga Music is known for giving hits in the regional and Hindi music market.

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