India’s First Cutting-Edge Lung Transplant in Hyderabad

India has become one of many nations, like the US and Canada, where a “breathing lung transplant” can be conducted – a considerable advantage as an increasing list of those remaining to get new lungs and Coronavirus only raised the necessary cases of lung failure.

The cutting-edge approach helps improve the time available between the reaping of the organ and the transplant.

This cutting-edge process permits increasing the time available between the crop of the organ and the transplant. It also improves the recipient body’s ability to receive the organ more efficiently by clearing infection and lowering “wastage” of donated lungs. On Saturday, the first procedure was conducted in Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.

“Wastage” happens when a donated lung cannot be utilized because of infection and collapse of internal parts, illustrated Program Director Dr. Sandeep Attawar. In fact, because of these cases, more than half the available lungs cannot be employed for patients who require a transplant- a dire situation with the number of people requiring a transplant shooting up by the daylight.

A donated lung evolves “breathing” when placed into a hermetically sealed machine named the “organ reconditioning box” and feasted with a nutrient solution comprising antibiotics and other vital fluids that flush out the infection.

Then it is created to breathe artificially through a ventilator that enlivens collapsed portions. Eventually, air passages are washed out through bronchoscopy, and various tests can be done simultaneously to assess further and enhance the lung’s performance. The entire process is observed closely by a team of specialists who note how well the lung is performing.

When the transplant eventually happens, the patient brings an organ in a more suitable condition that allows the body to accept it smoothly and make it enduring in the long term.

This process improves the number of usable organs by 30 percent, told Dr Attawar, whose team of 50 specialists has perfected this technology for the last six months.

The “breathing lung” concept is to run the lungs through a device that refrigerates the organ. At the same time, it breathes and nourishes it with a substrate enriched solution with antibiotics that pat out the slightest hints of infection.

Dr. Vigil Rahulan, head of transplant pulmonology at the hospital, stated the nutrient solutions and antibiotics reduce injury to the lung from cold ischemic carried in an icebox. It is also used to prepare the lung with growth factors to enhance lung function and lower lung edema.

Dr. Attawar expressed the procedure is part of the “organ regeneration concept” and can deliver “best results in the long term.”
“Only an elite few transplant institutions in the US, Canada, and Austria take this method to enhance lung transplant results,” he added.

Hyderabad is materializing as the lung transplant capital for the country, with 80 percent of the transplants of the country transpiring here.

“By achieving a highly complex procedure, they once again confirmed this is the best transplant team not just in India, but conceivably in the whole of Asia,” added Dr. Abhinay Bollineni, CEO, KIMS Hospitals.

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