How to Make Money Online in India: Ways You Must Check!

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Experiencing the transition of almost everything online is a huge structural change for everyone. Regular jobs are getting scarce, especially owing to the pandemic. Most people have lost their jobs and are unable to make their living due to the present situation in the country. This has led to a common question. How to earn money online in India? To tackle this situation grabing on the online platforms for earnings seem like a good option.

Luckily, if you are looking to earn money via online measure, there are many ways to opt. All these ideas are what we are going to discuss below. You can also jump up and grab any of these opportunities.

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How to earn money online in India? Best Ideas

1. Blogging

If you are passionate about writing and do so in your home, it is one of the best possible ways to earn money online. However, you should know about the field you are writing about. You should be experienced in the topics you write on. If you write proper facts and appropriate content, it will attract more visitors and will make you more money. Building a large number of followers will help you earn profits. This is because you will be able to attract advertisers. You can also be contacted to write paid reviews. It is also one of the ways in which you can promote products by others and get commissions for them.

2. Paid Writing

Maintaining a blog can be hard if you are not familiar with it. However, you can continue your passion for writing. You can write articles, web content, or other such write-ups for various online websites. You can even go for writing an e-book. It is a beneficial option as it does not include costs like printing or shipping. You can also become a copy editor. This includes reading articles and correcting their grammar or sentences. They are nowadays hired extensively by various companies online. There are many websites online like Helium, PayPerPost, etc., you can also earn by writing.

3. Transcription

Transcription in the medical field includes making written copies of material that is dictated by doctors or other such medical experts. Such write-ups include history and physical reports, clinical notes, reports, letters, evaluations, consultation reports, etc. The most challenging part of this job is that you have to be accurate and fast in your writings. You should have good knowledge of medical terms. One of the key features of the job is that you should have high typing speed along with ensuring accuracy. It is a relatively new concept and many people can easily earn a significant amount through this.

4. Webinars and Online Coaching

Online teaching has become a new thing. In case you are a helper by nature and think you are capable of teaching If you like helping others and have a good command of teaching, you can conduct tuitions online. All you have to do is to be an expert in the subject you are teaching and spare a few hours. Luckily there is a lot of scope online, thanks to the online websites that allow you to earn for teaching. You can also conduct webinars and other such lectures online through universities on topics you excel in. If you are fluent in any particular language, providing tuition for that is also beneficial. People are keen on learning new languages and this can be a perfect opportunity for you to earn big bucks.

5. Building Applications

The demand for applications or “apps” as it is commonly called now, has increased. Mobile phones and other such gadgets are gaining popularity and are used by billions of people. There are millions of applications for iOS users and over a million applications in the android market? Building your applications and selling your smartphones is a great way to earn big bucks online. There is no storage or shipping cost. No additional cost is required to build apps. One must have a good command of programming languages. They can easily send their applications online to big companies and earn huge profits from them.

6. Reseller

A reseller is a person who gets a commission for selling the products that he/she is promoting. Luckily there are many different online platforms using which you can sell your products. To be an owner of the product is not necessary. Sign up with a company and sell their products under your link. There are many firms that have lots to sell and are looking for resellers who can do so online. Online shopping is the trend nowadays and people spend hours online looking for what they want. A person looking for earning online and is good at selling can go for this job.

7. Buying and Selling Domains

A little investment of time and earn money online. You can buy domains from sites at their given prices or even use discounts and buy them at cheaper rates. You can sell them again at a profit. However, you should keep in mind that you are in constant touch with their domain auction sites. This is great for getting an insight into popular domains. One of the best ways to find good domains is by checking those domain lists that have been terminated. There are several expired names in it that one can go for. It can earn you huge profits.

8. Freelancing

It is a great option for those professionals who excel in their fields and know-how to ensure customer satisfaction. There are many freelancing and project-oriented websites. Freelance is a great way for buyers to ensure that they are buying their services according to their best-suited requirements. Online, you will find several different websites that offer money for data entry, design, programming, etc. One can also freelance for photographs, cooking, management, and other such creative services. This is the best option for those who are not looking for permanent jobs but want to choose their projects and clients.

9. Inbound Call Centre

There are many companies that hire outsourced helpers with their inbound calls. These companies are usually small in size or are facing issues like space at their offices offline. These companies set up an inbound call center at their home and hire people who can handle such jobs. You can research different companies online that provide such services. One benefit of this job is that you can work for more than one company at a time and choose your timings. Depending on your needs and availability, you can either go part-time or full-time. People good with communication and handling calls can go for such jobs and earn money.

10. Researching for Others

If you are lacking skills like writing, designing, or coding, there is no need to be disheartened. There are various other ways you can make money online. All you have to be is willing to work hard for a few hours. You can take jobs like simple research jobs. Such jobs are offered by those people and companies who do not have the time to do so on their own. Various companies provide salaries to people who help them assist with online investigations. This job is the best for those who have a good command of searching keywords and can help collect reliable data for companies. The pay depends on how big or popular the company is. It is a good way to spend time online optimally and earn money for it.

11. YouTube

You can upload your videos on YouTube if you think you are a good actor, singer, dramatist, etc. There are various professions one can go for while uploading on YouTube. Some professions are filmmaker, musician, comedian, etc. You can earn millions if you gain enough views and followers on your channel. You get paid according to your videos. It is a great way to share your content with the world. You can upload any kind of video. Always keep in mind to check the privacy policies and other such terms of conditions by YouTube. If you think you can entertain the world, YouTube is one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting paid while doing it.

12. Stock/ Forex Trading

This may seem like a risky option but once you get the hang of it, it can earn you huge profits. You can start with the small aspects and gain experience while researching. It will be easy for you to exchange foreign currencies and buy or sell stocks once you gain experience. The rates of such stocks and foreign exchange depending on their demand and supply. Hence, the prices may increase or fall. Any trader aims to locate the stock that can increase or decrease. Your profit will be higher if you put in more time and effort. Such trading depends largely on their demand and economical and political influences.

13. Virtual Assistant

There are many businesses who at their start require help in running their company. However, they cannot afford to hire a full-time employee. To fulfill their aim, they hire assistants online. This job requires an individual to conduct services like administrative tasks that normally a secretary does. Some services include making travel reservations, paying bills, handling expenditures, etc. You can do it while staying at home. You can interact with clients through calls or emails. It is like being a secretary but virtually on online platforms. Your experience and success rate will determine the amount you earn. This is a great job opportunity for those who have good secretarial skills and can provide their best assistance to those companies who require them.

14. Selling your Brand

If you have a creative mind to design trendy styles, you can create your brand and sell it. You just have to ensure that your brand can be printed on various kinds of products. Online, you will find multiple platforms to submit your designs. Be patient and wait for someone to order your design. The company then prints them and sells the products. There could be various products where the designs can be used, like, t-shirts, books, posters, mugs, keychains, cards, calendars, etc. You can also start your website and sell your products.

15. Selling Photos

Are you good at photography and own a good quality camera? If yes, you have an opportunity to sell your photos online. It is a great way of earning huge bucks. There are many ways available nowadays to make your photographers public. There are many stock photo agencies available online. It is relatively simple and an individual can earn huge amounts. All that is required is a knack for photography and precision skills.

16. Online Marketing

An SEO expert can promote a website in various ways once the website is created. When a website is created, it is optimized for search engines and the marketing begins. There are various ways through which an individual can promote the website through online marketing. Some methods include writing articles, press releases, bookmarking, blogging, etc. Various companies hire such services from individuals and pay them according to their content. This can be done at home. One only has to be a good creative content writer. Through this, a person can earn thousands.

17. Making Themes

The demand for website templated and blogging themes have increased. This is because of the huge demand increase in online presence. Do you have a good command of web designing and coding? It’s time to can earn a lot from making themes. Many websites act as a marketplace for you to sell your themes. Such templates are sold at prices depending on the features provided by them. Even students with design and coding experience can earn online by uploading their theme projects on websites.

18. Support and Service

There are various jobs one can take related to support and service. Jobs can range from writing an extra script to building websites. This requires knowledge of web development and coding. There are various websites available online through which one can provide their services. You can help people set up their websites, blogs, etc., once you are done with your own and have gained significant experience. Various companies and websites require small support and services and look for individuals who can provide the same.


There are various ways where you can sell the space on your websites or blogs for advertisements. When people click on such advertisements, they get paid for them. The sorting and placement of these advertisements are free of cost. The profit you earn from this depends on the traffic on your website and the number of visits the advertisement has. There are various ads that you can include on your website. Putting advertisements on popular websites and products is a good way of ensuring traffic on it. Earning through advertisement includes writing on interesting topics to gain more traffic on the website.

GPT Programme

GPT program includes getting paid for signing up for websites, games, newsletters, etc. People can also earn through online surveys. This is a popular option with those who do not have a particular skill set but are looking to earn online. Getting paid for filling out surveys is one of the easiest ways one can imagine of. Sign up with reliable sites. The topics included in such surveys can range from shopping to politics. This is a great option for earning extra pocket money.

These different ways on how to make money online in India are the best ways to ensure earning. An individual seeking a job online can choose any one or more options from this list. These are the easiest ways through which one can earn easy money online. Such job opportunities can be used by people of all age groups. Be it students, adults, home-makers, retired individuals, etc. The best part of it is that it can be done at home. You can choose your own working hours. Managing other tasks side-by-side is also easy. The online portal is really beneficial for people who cannot leave their homes due to their situations but want to earn money. Start searching and make money!

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