Meditation Gaining Popularity Among Students in Bihar


The paucity of jobs across India is well known, even as many passing out students from premier educational institutions like IIMs and IITs fail to find employment.

Lack of concentration is one of the reasons for rising unemployment and thus, a large number of students these days are taking the help of professional meditation, motivational and management ‘gurus’ to increase the level of concentration.

Such a trend is becoming popular in Bihar’s smaller cities like Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Gaya and Bhagalpur, where students are taking online courses to control their mind and body apart from preparing for competitive exams.

Sivani Sinha, who is preparing for the Bihar Public Service Commission’s (BPSC) joint entrance exam, told IANS that a large number of students in a state like Bihar have only one ambition, to get a job.

This has created huge competition between them. Also, for a student like me whose financial condition is not good, if I fail to get a job, then my parents are not financially capable for the second option business.

Sinha said that I have been associated with a meditation guru in Mumbai for the last 6 months to take online classes.

Apart from the regular classes of one hour, she also conducts themed based classes for the students. Now, I am focusing more on my mind study.

Another student, Ritesh Singh, who lives in a boys’ hostel in Khazanchi Road and is preparing for the BPSC exam, said that the theme based meditation courses are even more interesting to us.

I have taken a nine-day course on ‘Navratri’ where we learned about the worship of nine different incarnations of ‘Maa Durga’, followed by the correct pronunciation of ‘mantras’. This develops positive energy.

Dr Nutan Khare, a leading physician, told IANS that meditation is not just about sitting in a quiet place and closing the eyes. Controlling your senses, mind and body is the key to achieving a goal.

In our traditional culture, we have festivals like Navratri where we worship Maa Durga. It allows us to develop positive energy in and around us. It can be achieved if we do things in the right way.

Khare said that apart from the regular courses, I had organized a nine-day online workshop to worship Maa Durga with proper chanting of mantra.

The idea is to increase a person’s concentration level so that they can easily control the mind and body.

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