Meet DJ Felix, the guy who revolutionised Hip-Hop in Kolkata with His turntable skills

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When passion turns into a profession, it often creates some magic and a revolution. Mostly it is the artist making Rap music, who gets the adoration and recognition. But in Hip-Hop there is a clear understanding that it is the DJ who is on top of the game.

Felix Huang also known as DJ Felix, hasalready established his name in the list of top Turntablists around the country, by creating a storm in Kolkata nightlife in recent years.
It is difficult to believe that DJ Felix, one of the most recognised faces in the DJ world today, was once a directionless, school dropout. During his teenage years, he was into biking. He started clubbing at a very young age and used to recklessly spend his parent’s money at clubs.

After some years of aimless living, a DJ who used to live in his neighbourhood suggested he take up DJing for a living, an idea Felix resisted for a long time. But after a while his love for music and the lure of hip-hop won, and he decided to give it a shot. The rest is history.

When he stepped into the field, he knew nothing about DJing, all he had was his passion for music and knowledge about the different genres. Hip hop at that time was gaining popularity, but most DJs used it only as an opener.

However, the love for hip hop that Felix had from his early days only kept growing, and in no time it became his forte. He started downloading tracks and practicing at the club, in his spare time, with the other DJs. He started enjoying it so much that even when the clubs were shut, he used to reach there at 4pm, take the keys from the security and practice.

But as they say ‘success doesn’t come overnight’. He struggled for almost 8 years, post which his hard work paid off! In the interim he did odd jobs at various clubs after which he was offered a job as a resident DJ. Very soon people started appreciating his work and taking notice of him. His success run began from thereon.

This was the turning point in his life and DJ Felix, the guy who used to spend his parents money on clubbing; to his parent’s delight started making a living off it.

“I always adapted to new technology. Those were the days when Facebook had just started. I managed to capitalise on it and managed to grab the attention of people on social media,” said DJ Felix, of his early days.

In his initial days as a DJ, DJ Felix used to play music from CDs and pen drives. Later he upgraded to turntables and soon graduated to video performances making him the first VDJ Turntablist of Kolkata who took the DJing industry in India by a storm.

In no time, DJ Felix was in demand. Events flowed in at a steady pace and there came a time when he had to juggle upto 3 events on the same night. The city of Kolkata loved and supported Felix a lot and social media put him on the national map of DJing. This paved a way for DJ Felix to perform not only across the country but internationally as well.

From performing at small clubs, he soon started being invited to perform at various music festivals. He has been a part of Sunburn Reload, Dusk Music Festival, Mandala Music Festival, United Music Festival, Afterworld Music Festival, Uncultured Music Festival, GOD Music Festival, Radiance Music Festival,to name a few.

As his fame grew, DJ Felixalso got to perform with some big namesin the music world like DJ Ease, Honey Singh, Nucleya, Ashley Wall bridge, Master D, Grzly Adams, Teri Miko, Aqeel, Suketu, Ivan, Zaeden, Shahrule, EPR, amongst others.

He founded Kolkata’s biggest hip-hop event company, ‘Hip-Hop Sessions’that is currently handling the legendary club UG Reincarnated. He himself holds prestigious clubs like UG Reincarnated and HHI (Hotel Hindusthan International) in Kolkata.

Among his current achievements, DJ Felix remastered the famous dialogue ‘RASODE MEIN KAUN THA’ in a party track, which got him trending on social media. His video garnered over 10 million views and 37k shares on Facebook.

After back to back sensational and houseful shows in Dubai, DJ Felix is currently preparing for his post COVID, USA and Europe tours. DJ Felix is also coming up with his very first production, a single titled ‘Jawab de’. The song seems to be seeking answers from people, but in reality it provides an answer to people who are looking for motivation and inspiration in these difficult times.

DJ Felix composed and produced this number during lockdown hoping to help people cope with the current negativity. It is available on all major streaming apps.

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