Meta Will Contribute An Additional $150 Million To Its Oversight Board


Tech giant Meta has made a commitment that provides ongoing financial support for the Oversight Board and as part of that commitment, it will contribute $150 million to the trust.

On microblogging site Twitter, Nick Clegg, Meta President of Global Affairs, said the money would go to the Oversight Board Trust, which enables the board to continue operating as a separate entity.

Clegg Wrote, “The Oversight Board Has Had A Significant Impact Since Its Launch

Its binding case decisions and non-binding recommendations have led to greater transparency in our material decisions and we need to strengthen META’s policy and enforcement practices.” inspired to do.”

Funds contributed by the Company under the terms of the Trust are irrevocable and may only be used for the purpose of funding the Trust, managing and overseeing the operations of the Oversight Board.

This $150 million contribution to the trust is in addition to the company’s earlier contribution of $130 million announced in 2019, when the trust was first established.

Stephen Neal, president of the Oversight Board Trust, said in a statement, “By making this ongoing financial commitment, META has issued a vote of confidence in the work of the Board and its efforts to implement the Facebook and Instagram Content Standards in a manner that is Protects freedom of expression and relevant human rights standards.”

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