Miranda Lambert calls quarantining with husband Brendan McLoughlin ‘good test’ of marriage

Miranda Lambert

American singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert recently revealed that she and her husband Brendan McLoughlin have been putting their time in quarantine to good use.

According to Fox News, the 36-year-old songstress recently spoke with New York’s Country 94.7, opening up about life in quarantine with her husband, who she secretly married in 2019.
The ‘Bluebird’ songstress stated, “If newlyweds can survive a pandemic then I think we’re good, you know? It’s a good test.”

“The first month I had a lot of fun. Well, not fun but I was like, ‘Okay, we’re off. We’ll probably be back on the road in a couple of months,'” said Lambert.

The singer said that she “cooked too much and ate way too much,” but is now finding other “stuff to do.”

She also pointed out the ‘uneasy’ feeling of not knowing when she’ll be able to return to work.

“The fans and the feeling,” Lambert said, are the things she misses the most.

“I guess nothing made me realize that more than singing into a screen, which I absolutely hate and I just can’t do it,” she explained. “I started this career 18 years ago for that feeling, not for my Zoom call.”

Lambert and McLoughlin have also kept busy with their new kitten, Tequila, who the pair rescued while on a Texas highway.

She laughingly said, “He’s ridiculous. He’s up at six a.m., on [level] 11. He so little … I can’t leave him anywhere.”

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