Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu Did Not Give Up After Gaining Weight

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu has revealed about her increased weight and the threats that followed. Along with this, Harnaaz Sandhu told how he learned to be happy after coming out of all this.

The Indian-origin beauty queen told People, “Physically I’ve grown in a way, put on weight, which I’m completely comfortable with right now. But the weight might be a problem for some people. Well, I was bullied for putting on weight.

It was uncomfortable and really amazing to me to see how people started to voice their opinions that didn’t really matter.”

“It’s not about how you look, it’s about who and what you are on the inside and how you treat people and what you believe in. I’m really working towards my goal.” I was focused and I wasn’t thinking about my health. We were working full time, doing a lot of activities and right after winning, I had about a month to rest.”

“During that time, I didn’t really work out, and I was just eating and enjoying that time with my family. I never thought it would start showing up on my body. So So some of the online comments were very cruel. So I went through a lot, I felt really bad, till I broke down. It was really sad,” Harnaaz Sandhu said.

Sandhu gained weight but was not feeling well, and a doctor diagnosed her with allergies she never knew she had.

The model and actress says, “I’m allergic to eggs and I realized this when I moved to New York.”

Now that the 70th Miss Universe title holder has taken hold of her health, her mindset has changed.

Sandhu says, “I have gone through that phase of my life where I used to feel bad about everything, now, I am in love with everything. It is okay to cry. It is okay to be sad.”

Sandhu hopes that sharing her story will help others who struggle with body image and self love. Along with this, if you love yourself and believe in yourself, then one day victory is yours.

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