Monkeypox cases rise to 1,363 in Canada


Canada has 1,363 confirmed cases of monkeypox, of which 38 are hospitalized. The Public Health Agency of Canada gave this information. Of the confirmed cases, 656 are from Ontario, 515 from Quebec, 150 from British Columbia, 34 from Alberta, 3 from Saskatchewan, 2 from Yukon and one each from Nova Scotia, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Kieran Moore said the risk of Monkeypox in the province with the largest population had decreased.

Moore said the active cases in the city were higher in the week of July 15, then about 16 to 18 cases a day were being identified through PCR testing, and that number is now declining.

The report said the province is waiting for the National Advisory Committee on Immunization to decide whether and how to launch a second-dose strategy.

According to experts, monkeypox is a viral disease, which can be spread from person to person through close contact with an infected person, which includes hugging, massage or sexual intercourse.

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