Mouni Roy Made A Big Disclosure During the Reality Show

Mouni Roy

Television’s famous actress ‘Mouni Roy’, who is currently doing reality show dance ‘India Dance Judge’, during this show, the actress has made a big disclosure about her childhood.

During the show, when an 11 year old contestant, Sadia performed on the song Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon. In this, Sadia showed the bad and the good side.

After Watching This Scintillating Performance, the Actress Shared Her Childhood Nightmare

As Mouni put it, “Sadiya’s act really shocked me. In fact, I still have goose bumps on my hands. Not many people know, but I have been very scared of clowns since childhood.

I’m from the city, and whenever I used to go to the circus, people with colored faces used to scare me every time.”

Talking about Saadia’s performance, the ‘DID Little Master’ judge noted, “At the beginning of her performance, the lights were off, and no one saw Saadia until then.

However, as soon as the lights were on, His menacing face was portrayed as that of a clown, and his smile made me swoon.

I think this dance proved that he was a true artist, and his portrayal of a clown was truly praise and admiration. deserved praise.”

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