Musk Threatened Tesla Employees, Come to office or Quit Jobs

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Electric Car maker Tesla, has warned all the employees to spend 40 hours in the office every week and if they do not do so, it will be assumed that they have resigned.

Musk has sent several emails in this regard to Tesla’s employees and he has also admitted on Twitter that he has asked the employees to come to office.

Musk Has Tweeted That If An Employee Does Not Like the Company’s Policy, He Can Leave Tesla

Musk has taunted other companies doing remort work, saying that other companies are providing this facility to employees but when did these companies launch their new product.

He has said that it is necessary to spend at least 40 hours in the office in Tesla. If there is no office, it will be believed that he has resigned.

Musk said, “The more senior employees are, the more necessary their presence is. For this reason, I stay in the factory for so long.

I live so much in the factory that I can find everyone working with me. If I had not done this, Tesla would have become bankrupt long ago. ,

He said that Tesla manufactures vehicles and this work can be completed on the phone. For this, the presence of an employee is necessary.

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