NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Mission Completes Critical Fuel Test

NASA's Artemis 1 Moon Mission Completes Critical Fuel Test

NASA has successfully completed critical fuel testing of its Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket, after several times aborted the ‘wet dress rehearsal’ of the Artemis 1 moon rocket.

NASA Said in A Statement That the Artemis 1 Weight Dress Rehearsal Ended on June 20 At 7.37 P.m

A US space agency said, “This is the first time the team has fully loaded all of the SLS rocket’s propellant tanks and proceeded into the terminal launch countdown, when several critical activities occurred in rapid succession.

However, The Test Did Not Go Smoothly

NASA said that while the team attempted to fix the leak by heating a quick disconnect and then cooling it back to reattach the seal, their efforts did not fix the issue.

The team then deliberately ‘masked’ the data related to the issue to continue the countdown, NASA said. During the actual launch countdown, such data would have raised red flags. NASA said this change meant a delay, ‘but they were able to resume with the last 10 minutes of the countdown.’

The final test is the culmination of months of assembly and testing for SLS and Orion, as well as preparation by the launch control and engineering teams, and setting the stage for the first Artemis launch.

Artemis 1, was earlier scheduled to launch at the end of May 2022. However, due to several delays in its dress rehearsals, Mega Moon Rocket has been pushed further.

NASA Had Previously Indicated That The Success of The Final Test Could Set The Stage For Its First Launch in August

The mission to Uncharted Artemis is the first simultaneous flight of the SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft. Future missions will send people to lunar orbit and to work on the surface of the Moon.

With the Artemis mission, NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon and establish long-term exploration in preparation for the mission to Mars.

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