No Need For Law on Population control Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar

Independence Day is being celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Bihar on Monday. The main function in the state is being held at the historic Gandhi Maidan in Patna, where Chief Minister Nitish Kumar unfurled the national tricolor.

Nitish Kumar said that there is no need for a law on population control in the country. This was Nitish Kumar’s first speech on Independence Day after leaving the BJP.

Addressing the people after the flag hoisting, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that many development works have been done.

Continuous work is also being done for the improvement of the society. He stressed on the promotion of girls’ education to reduce the fertility rate.

He insisted that there was no need to impose restrictions on the population. He said that after the promotion of girl child education in the state, there has been a decline in the fertility rate in the state. Presently the fertility rate in the state is 2.9 percent.

He Said That There Will Be Job and Employment, 20 Lakh People Will Get Jobs and Employment

The Chief Minister claimed that weather-friendly farming is going on in the state. One and a half lakh farmers are being trained every year. Referring to caste based census, he said that this work will definitely be done by the state government. He said that it is estimated to cost Rs 500 crore.

He said that along with this calculation, an economic survey will be conducted. Nitish Kumar said that no matter who belongs to any caste, everyone will be assessed as to who is how poor. Will work towards economic recovery. We will continue to do what we have to demand, but we will do the responsibility of the state government from our level.

He said that the biggest need is development with justice. It is the wish of the government that there should be an atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood in the society. He said that despite the challenges, we are on the path of progress. He said that after the siege of graveyards, now the siege of temples is also being done.

Sometimes Idols Are Stolen in Temples After the Siege, Such Incidents Will Decrease

He said that whether there is flood or drought, the government is working continuously to deal with the disaster situation. Now many types of training programs are run in schools for the children too.

Children are being taught how to face disasters. They are being taught to swim.

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