Petrol Price in Pakistan Broke Records

Petrol Pump

Petrol price in Pakistan is breaking records. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said that the government is not in a position to give subsidy, that is why the prices of petrol and diesel are being increased.

Ismail said, the government has decided to increase petrol prices by PKR 24.03, taking it to a record high of PKR 233.89 per litre.

Geo News quoted the minister as saying that from Thursday the price of petrol would be 233.89 PKR per liter, diesel 263.31 PKR per liter, kerosene oil at 211.43 PKR per liter and light diesel oil at 207.47 PKR per liter.

Ismail and Minister of State for Minister Musaddaq Malik were together at the press briefing. During this, Ismail criticized the policies of the previous government and said, the previous government spoiled the economy of the country.

Ismail said that Imran Khan has deliberately reduced the prices of petrol by giving subsidies. The present government is paying the brunt of their decisions.

According to the Geo News report, Ismail said that at present, Pakistan is facing a loss of 24.03 PKR on petrol, 59.16 PKR on diesel, 39.49 PKR on kerosene and 39.16 PKR on light diesel oil per litre.

The Pakistan Finance Minister said that in May this deficit crossed 120 billion PKR, which is three times more than the expenditure of the civil government. This is equal to 4 crore PKR.

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