Pictures and contact addresses of doctors will be displayed on the display board in private hospitals in UP


The health department of Uttar Pradesh has made it mandatory for all private hospitals in the district to put up photographs and phone numbers of doctors working there. These details should be kept in a place where patients and their attendants can easily see them.

Apart from this, hospitals will also have to put on the display board the information about the specialty of emergency medical officers along with their phone numbers.

Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr. A.P. Singh said, “By entering the details of doctors, patients will be able to know that qualified doctors are treating them. Besides, they will know who to contact in case of emergency.

This will Also Help Health officials During Hospital Visits

He said, “As of now the hospitals will have to hold the license issued by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), which has to be displayed during the inspection. This step is being taken by the health department during the raids by many unqualified doctors, paramedical staff and nurses working in the hospitals. It has been picked up after being found.”

“There Are Around 350 Hospitals and Nursing Homes in the City with License,” officials Said

During raids in 18 hospitals by the Health Department, defects were found in 10 hospitals and notices were served on them.

The most common discrepancy was the absence of emergency medical officers from the hospital. Paramedical and nursing staff were untrained in three private hospitals.

Further, visits to two hospitals on Hardoi Road revealed that doctors were not qualified to practice modern medicine.

He Had BHMS and BAMS Degrees

Dr. A.P. “We are running a special drive against hospitals run by unqualified staff. Strict action will be taken against those involved in this, FIR will also be registered against them,” Singh said.

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