Plate Full of Good Choices

Plate Full of Good Choices

It cannot be denied that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive. Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, who oversees the nutrition and calorie intake of Bollywood’s great actors, lays out some diet and lifestyle tips that won’t light your pocket on Audible’s podcast, ‘Kya Lifestyle Hai’.

Dr. Siddhant spoke to IANS Life about how the show helps the listeners to take a few steps every day and focus on a healthy lifestyle without spending a lot of money.

Till now, you have been sharing your health and lifestyle tips with Bollywood celebs, what inspired you to take it to everyone through your podcast.

Siddhant, more than a doctor, I feel I have become a business person in the last five years. I am an entrepreneur by nature. And that’s exactly what podcasts on Audible are doing.

There is currently no other podcast that is giving you all this information in such a short, short amount of time. All this information which I confirm is purely scientific research and very relevant.

How This Podcast Will Help People To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Siddhant, I think my podcast ‘Kya Lifestyle Hai’ is going to give them a platter full of good options. And the best part about this plate is that it will only have good options. All they have to do is choose that favorite good option from this plate and eat it.

This is Your First Time As A Storyteller For The Podcast, How Was Your Experience What Inspired You To Take This Opportunity?

Theory, so, the first time it was pretty tough, because, you know, I’d never done a podcast, usually people are used to seeing my face all the time. I believe that a large part of my communication is through my expressions, the way I am. And it was a bit of a challenge in the beginning. But I think the team I was working with really made life easier for me.

What Precautions Did You Keep in Mind While Listening to This Podcast?

Siddhant, of course, we recorded a few episodes and then deleted those episodes and then re-recorded them. Because I still wasn’t able to get the hang of it initially.

But once I understood that, and once I understood how far I should be from the mic, how to express myself more fully through my voice, then it became a simple process. Went.

Any Existing Clients You Can Name or Upcoming Tasks You’d Like To Talk About

Principle, yes, so current customers, they’ve been the same. Sara Ali Khan, Alia and Ranbir are all people I have been helping for a long time. Future plans, yes, I mean, I’d like to continue making more content, both visual and auditory.

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