PM Modi also remembered Nehru after Veer Savarkar in his speech from Red Fort

Narendra Modi

While addressing the country from the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi saluted the great men who fought for independence and spent their lives to build the country after independence, saying that the country Bapu, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, B.R. Ambedkar and Veer Savarkar, who laid down their lives on the path of duty.

The path of duty was his life path. Addressing the nation for the 9th consecutive time from the ramparts of the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and said that today those who fought for freedom and after independence the country It is a day to bow to the great men who created Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Nehru, Sardar Vallabhacharya Patel, Syama Prasad Mukherjee, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Deendayal Upadhyaya, Jayaprakash Narayan, Ram Manohar Lohia, Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Nanaji Deshmukh and many more.

PM Modi further said that the country is grateful to Mangal Pandey, Tatya Tope, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashfaqulla Khan, Ram Prasad Bismil and countless other revolutionaries who shook the foundation of British rule.

The Prime Minister also remembered Rani Lakshmibai, Jhalkaribai, Durga Bhabhi and Hazraat Mahal of Jhansi as well as the women who played an important role in the freedom struggle.

Referring to the country’s freedom struggle, the Prime Minister said, “There was no corner, no period in India, when the countrymen had not fought for hundreds of years against slavery, had not spent their lives, had not suffered tortures, had not sacrificed their lives, nor had they sacrificed their lives. It is an opportunity for all of us countrymen to bow down to every such great man, every sacrificer and sacrificer.

Referring to the campaign being run by the government to remember the unsung heroes of freedom, Modi said that in every corner of India, efforts were made to remember all those great men who did not find a place in history due to one reason or the other. Or they were forgotten. Today, the country has searched and remembered such heroes, great men, sacrificers, satyagrahis.

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