Porsche Invests in INTAMSYS for 3D Printing

Porsche Ventures has earned a strategic investment in INTAMSYS, a global leader in 3D printer manufacturing & specializing in high-performance materials.

The investment – Porsche’s first foray into additive manufacturing – aims to investigate the application of cutting-edge technology in the automotive industry while being another dimension to speed up the deployment of the company’s digital approach.

The investment – Porsche’s first incursion into additive manufacturing – aims to explore the application of cutting-edge technology in the automotive enterprise while being another effort to speed up the company’s digital strategy deployment.

Innovation, research, and intelligent solutions play a crucial role in enabling Porsche to gain continued progress and success. With the incremental digital transformation of the automotive industry, 3D printing is witnessing rapid deployment and development. Porsche acknowledges additive manufacturing, as an integral part of future digital manufacturing technology, will play an essential role in promoting the digitalization of companies and, as a high-tech sector, is therefore worthy of long-term and continuous input. The new possibilities that 3D printing fans up in developing and manufacturing small-series parts and components are not the new options.

Porsche plans to boost the actual application of additive manufacturing technology and leverage the significant innovation potential of 3D printing in terms of both product and process to offer customers more flexible production and customization services. We are honored to support INTAMSYS as an important partner on Porsche’s digital transformation journey, as they help fulfill our vision of the future,” said Jens Puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China said.

INTAMSYS all-in-one 3D printing keys furnish you with infinite opportunities in additive manufacturing to create life and work more customizable. INTAMSYS 3D printers are optimized for applications in initiatives as myriad as consumer products to medical, oil & gas & aerospace, meeting the most demanding industrial standards.

INTAMSYS, INTelligent Additive Manufacturing SYStems, is an industrial-grade 3D printer manufacturer and additive manufacturing solutions provider. It provides affordable and dependable 3D printing with high-performance materials.

Internationally, the company partners with industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge 3D printing solutions optimized for the specific requirements of industries and organizations. Today, INTAMSYS 3D printers are authorized globally by industry executives like UK Atomic Energy Authority, TE Connectivity, Stanford University, Honeywell, Jabil, Bosch, FLEX, Sabic, Tsinghua University, and many others. As a result, INTAMSYS has achieved a significant breakthrough in the small-scale production of automotive parts and components, reflecting its team’s tenacity and technical strength.

The strategic investment is expected to help Porsche to digitalize and improve its product manufacturing process. At the same time, the company plans to raise the application of additive manufacturing to meet its strategic goal as a digital mobility solution.

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