Pradeep Phosphate Listed on NSE With A Premium of 4 Percent


Shares of fertilizer maker Pradeep Phosphate on Friday listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) at Rs 43.55 with a premium of four per cent over the issue price of the initial public offering (IPO).

The issue price of the company’s shares during the initial public offering (IPO) was Rs 42 per share.

According to NSE data, at one point the price of the company’s shares had reached Rs 47.25 per share.

Established in the year 1981, the IPO of this company got oversubscribed 1.75 times.

Shares allotted to retail investors were oversubscribed by 1.37 per cent, 82 per cent in the category allotted to high net worth individuals and three times more in the category allotted to institutional investors.

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