Preparations To Introduce Vaccine To Prevent Monkeypox in Britain


UK health officials say some gay and bisexual men who are at high risk of getting Monkeypox Should Be Vaccinated. According to the BBC, the move could help control the outbreak of monkeypox in the UK. So far 793 people have been infected with this virus in the country.

The report states that monkeypox is not defined as a sexually transmitted infection. However, it is also spread during sexual intercourse, through contact with bedding, towels and skin.

The UK Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) said that Imvanex, a vaccine designed to protect against smallpox, could help patients exposed to monkeypox recover from the virus.

Vaccine Imvanex is effective against monkeypox. It has been approved by UK vaccine experts, the Joint Immunization and Immunization Committee (JCVI).

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