Pune Folk Dancer Apologizes For Shooting ‘Lavani’ in Historic Lal Mahal

Vaishnavi Patil

Vaishnavi Patil, a prominent folk dancer from Pune, shot for ‘Lavani’ inside the historic Lal Mahal on April 16. During this, he was accompanied by 2 men and a woman.

He shared its video on social media. Opposing this shooting, Santosh Shinde, the state organizer of the Sambhaji Brigade, lodged a complaint with the Pune Police, taking strong criticism.

After Santosh Shinde’s complaint and police response, dancer Patil on Saturday publicly apologized and admitted that she had made a mistake.

Santosh Shinde told IANS, Lal Mahal has historical significance. It can’t be defiled by a recorded-music dance performance like this. We demand action against the officials who allowed the shooting.

He has threatened that if the police fails to register a case against all those responsible for the April 16 incident, we will raise the issue vigorously in the coming times.

Featured Image via Instagram.com

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