Rajpal Yadav Teams Up With Producer Wilson Lewis For ‘Taxi Mein Bhoot Hai’

Rajpal Yadav

Actor Rajpal Yadav has joined hands with filmmaker Wilson Lewis for the horror comedy ‘Taxi Mein Bhoot Hai’ produced by Wilson Lewis Films. The film is in pre-production stage.

After years of grabbing the audience’s attention and now with the success of ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’, Rajpal is at the ninth position.

He says: This is one of the best horror comedy script I have come across so far. Wilson Lewis, being known in this genre makes it even more exciting.”

He said, “Filming is about to begin in the coming year. It is about a road trip that turns into a laughing riot.

The protagonist is a Mumbai taxi driver who is already dependent on luck and has to take his taxi. connects me to a journey with the ghosts of girls.”

Featured Image via Instagram.com

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