Rapid Development of Cross-Border Electronic Trade

Rapid Development of Cross-Border Electronic Trade

Over the years, cross-border electronic trade developed rapidly in China. From 2015 to now, the Chinese State Council has established 132 cross-border electronic trade test areas, covering 30 provinces and cities in the country, respectively.

In the year 2018, China issued a monitoring policy on cross-border electronic trade. Also, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce will actively participate in international cooperation and present Chinese proposals at multilateral sites such as WTO, G-20, APEC. China also signed a memorandum of cooperation on cross-border electronic trade with 23 countries.

Statistics from the Chinese Customs Department show that the growth of cross-border electronic trade in China has nearly doubled in the past five years. Last year its scale reached 1.92 trillion, with a growth rate of 18.6 percent.

Through cross-border electronic trade, China not only sells its producers to the world, but also meets the demand of the Chinese people by supplying the domestic market with abundance.

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