Razer unveils its smart mask concept ‘Project Hazel’

Smart Masks

Singaporean-American multinational technology company Razer, which designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, debuted a smart mask concept called ‘Project Hazel’ at CES on Tuesday with a prototype that looks like it would fit right in at a rave.

According to Mashable, the mask, which comes in black or white, is made up of translucent plastic material, so you can see the wearer’s mouth when they talk. In order to overcome the usual mask muffling effects and making it easier to hear, it contains a microphone and amplifier. The interior lights up when it’s dark out so you can still see inside.
The exterior comes with two lighting zones with millions of color options and a suite of dynamic lighting effects.

It’s not all flashy aesthetics, though; Razer says the mask comes with “N95 medical-grade respiratory protection.” Users can take out the ventilators, and both recharge and clean them in the charging box with UV light sanitization. It also comes with something called ‘Smart Pods’ that supposedly filter out 95 per cent of bacteria. Adjustable ear loops and a silicone lining make for a snug and custom fit.

‘Project Hazel’ is still a concept product which means that it’s not an actual product Razer is bringing to market. As per Mashable, it’s basically releasing this super vibey mask into the world to see what people think, and then will move forward with the idea.

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