Residents of Kabul Complain To The Government About The Parks


Residents of Kabul have complained about current restrictions on visiting parks by the Taliban-led Afghan government, saying they cannot go with their families. As reported by Tolo News, in March this year, the Ministry of Deputy and Virtue released a schedule that allocated specific days for families as well as for men and women.

Women Are Only Allowed in The Park on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays

Pagman and Loom are famous recreation areas and are visited by hundreds of people and families on holidays, especially on Fridays.

However, Friday is scheduled for men only, based on the program of the Ministry of Vice and Virtue.

According to Tolo News, Ataulhaq Fazli, a resident of Kabul, said, “Unfortunately, there is a problem with the schedule. People cannot go to the park on specified days for families because they have to work. Holidays are allocated for men.

The ban on parks is also affecting the business of restaurants and other industries in Paghman and looms.

Abdul Waheed, a restaurant owner, said, “Last week I lost around 18,000 Afs.

Another eatery owner Mustafa Jami said, if they consult us, we will ask them to allot Fridays for the families. We have no problem with the program.

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