Review guidelines on parole, furlough, premature release of prisoners: MHA writes to States, UTs

Ministry of home affairs

Union Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday wrote to States and Union Territories regarding review of parole and furlough for inmates.

The ministry said that the privilege of release on parole and furlough should be allowed to selective prisoners on the basis of well-defined norms of eligibility and propriety.
“Release on parole is not an absolute right. It is a concession,” it said.

Referring to the Model Prison Manual, 2016, the MHA said, “prisoners whose immediate presence in the society may be considered dangerous or otherwise prejudicial to public peace and order by the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police and those who are considered dangerous or have been involved in serious prison violence like assault, outbreak of riot, mutiny or escape, or who have been found to be instigating serious violation of prison discipline as per the reports in his/ her annual good conduct report should not be considered for release.”

“Counselling and psychological therapy have a significant role in addressing the issue of prisoner reformation. It may, therefore, be necessary for States to evolve and implement suitable behavioural therapy and counseling programs for inmates by involving psychologists and other experts to bring in the desired behavioural changes,” it said.

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