Samsung to Hold Groundbreaking Ceremony For $27 Billion US Chip Plant Next Month


Samsung Electronics is expected to hold an important ceremony for its $17 billion chip manufacturing plant in Taylor, Texas, next month. Industry sources have given this information on Friday.

According to sources, Samsung’s Austin office recently shared photos of the construction site and preparations for large-scale construction through its newsletter.

As the Yonhap news agency reports, the leveling for construction is almost finished and workers are building roads inside the 5 million square meter facility, which is about 1 1/2 the size of Central Park in New York. is fold.

An important function is expected to take place at the site next month, which will be attended by dignitaries and company officials.

The Company Said It Expects the Facility to Be Fully Operational in the Second Half of 2024

The tech giant announced in November that it would build an advanced chip facility in Taylor “to help fuel the production of advanced logic semiconductor solutions that will power the next generation of innovations and technologies.”

On top of its proximity to its current construction site in Austin, approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Taylor, factors such as ‘the local semiconductor ecosystem, infrastructure sustainability, local government support and community development opportunities’ helped in choosing the site. It has considered many factors.

The company said the new plant will “manufacture products based on advanced process technologies for applications in areas such as mobile, 5G, high performance computing and artificial intelligence.”

In a high-profile public event, US President Joe Biden last week visited Samsung’s chip factory, his first stop on his inaugural trip to Asia since taking office last year.

Biden, along with South Korean President Eun Suk-yeol and Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, visited Samsung’s Pyeongtaek campus, the world’s largest chip facility 70 kilometers south of Seoul.

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