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Snacking is an essential part of Indian culture. We get intoxicated with our evening tea just thinking about breakfast. A quick and tasty breakfast revives us, but we get so caught up in daily activities that we neglect ourselves and our needs.

People’s awareness of self-care has increased in recent years, so we are now focusing not only on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also on self-care. After all, we are what we eat, and making wise choices about snacking becomes an important part of our self-care routines.

Samosas, pakodas and chaats top the list of “India’s favorite snacks”, but there are many nutritious snacking options that are equally tempting.

Evening snack recipes made from oats are gaining popularity due to their nutritional properties. It is rich in protein, fiber and iron.

Here are some delicious snacks made with masala oats that don’t take much time to make and are delectably delicious by celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor:

1. Masala Oats Paratha

This can be combined with Saffola Classic Masala Taste, a great combination of tangy taste that melts in the mouth. Slice some onions on the side to mix into the mixture along with salt and pepper. This delicious dish can be enjoyed with homemade raita to balance the spiciness.

2. Masala Oats Bhel

To make oats bhel, dry roast the masala oats and poha in a pan in a broad non-stick pan on a medium flame for 5 minutes. Once ready, add roasted peanuts, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and green chilli paste, salt and lemon zest and toss well. Serve it with watermelon juice and enjoy a hot summer snack.

3. Masala Oats Bhurji with Bun Pavdi

To make the most of ‘me time’, what can be better than preparing our comforting snack food Masala Bhurji, flavored with peas, carrots, onions and masala oats with black pepper and coriander.

This dish can be mixed with evergreen mint chutney to make a mid-break snack. Finally serve it with fresh bun pav.

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