Sino Pharm’s Anti-Omicron Vaccine Gets Clinical Trial Approval


According to the news from Sinapharm on April 27, SinoPharm’s anti-omicron vaccine (Vero Cell) has received approval from the Chinese State Drug Monitoring Bureau for clinical trials. The clinical study will be completed within three to four months.

Omicron is the predominant variant of the corona virus in the present world, whose speed of spread is very fast and the process of spread is unclear. Sino Farms started research on the anti-Omicron vaccine on December 9 last year.

Sino Farm scientist Changyunthao said they are speeding up related clinical studies. From the present situation, 3 to 4 months will be required.

According to the introduction, Sino Farm’s China Bio currently has the capacity to produce 7 billion vaccines a year. In the next phase, the main production capacity will be placed in the production of the Omicron vaccine.

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