Smita Singh Remembers Her 2-Month Journey in ‘Sab Satrangi’

Smita Singh

Actress Smita Singh has returned to TV after two years with ‘Sab Satrangi’ and she does not regret joining the show as it will go off air in a month. She says, “I joined the show last month in early May, and we finished shooting on June 18. The show is going to go off air.

Though I am emotional, I do not regret it at all. As I think it was a short journey of about two months but a very beautiful and joyous journey.”

“I really enjoyed Mandakini’s essay, which was funny and funny. But my look in the show was really amazing, which was retro. I still remember the first day on the sets, when everyone came to appreciate my look. I was busy.”

The “Thapki Pyar Ki” Actress Says She Won’t Take A Long Break To Get Back To Work.

She adds, “I was very scared of the COVID-19 virus. So I was not taking up shooting or new projects after my last show ‘Tera Kya Hoga Alia’ ended in October 2020. But now once I I am back.

I will not take a long break I am ready to work in digital and Bollywood apart from TV shows. I want to act only for those roles which are promising and challenging. I will take up any project I want my screen time while doing it.”

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