Soon Users Will Be Able to Silently Exit WhatsApp Group


To make the messaging platform more user-friendly, Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to silently exit groups.

As per a report by wabteinfo, in a screenshot, it is shown that when users want to exit from a WhatsApp group, other people in the chat will not be notified. Now with the new feature, only group admins will be able to see who has exited the group.

This Feature is Under Development So It is Not Ready To Be Rolled out to Beta Testers

Currently, when users leave a group, WhatsApp usually adds a system message to the chat to inform all participants that you have left the group.

The report mentions that even though the screenshot is taken from the WhatsApp desktop beta, this feature will definitely be released on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS in the future.

But this feature is currently under development on WhatsApp Desktop Beta and it is planned to roll out to users in future updates, the report said.

Recently, the messaging platform has announced that it is rolling out new features including emoji reactions, large files and groups.

The company said it is gradually rolling out the capacity to add up to 512 people in a group, which so far only allows up to 256 people.

WhatsApp said it recommends using WiFi for large files and it will display a counter while uploading or downloading to let users know how long your transfer will take.

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