Television Actress Roop Durgapal Took A Break From TV

Roop Durgapal

Television actress Roop Durgapal who is famous for her role of Sanchi in ‘Balika Vadhu’ and her cameo in ‘Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’. Now the actress wants to take a break from TV and share her interest in theatre.

Actress Roop Durgapal says, “I have been doing theater for a long time. I think for an actor, it is great to work in all mediums. I am associated with Rangshila theater and it made me feel myself as an actor. given a chance to find it.”

“I Love Being A Part of Theater and It Has Been One of The Most Enriching Experiences of My Life.”

The Actress is Looking Forward To Exploring Mediums Like OTT and Films

The actress says, “Though I am now looking for good opportunities in the web space and films, I intend to be associated with theater in some way or the other.”

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