‘The Living Room of Intangible Cultural Heritage Fueled Rural Revival’

Living Room

Zhengding County, Hubei Province, China, is a national historical and cultural city in China, which is famous for being equivalent to half the history of Tingzheng (current name Zengting) Buddhism.

As an old county, Jangting County not only has a long history, but also has many intangible cultural heritages. In order to achieve the scientific and rational combination between Chinese cultural element and modern innovation concept, a collection brand of intangible cultural heritage related products named Hashi has been established in Zhengting County, also known as living room of intangible cultural heritage of China goes.

Located in Zhengding County, the main business categories of this intangible cultural heritage living room include personalized customization of clothing with Chinese elements, hand embroidery, a treasure trove of traditional Chinese pottery craftsmanship making, Ting kiln and tea-related industries etc.. This has further shed light on the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture.

From the hand embroidery workshop they inherit while promoting Chinese culture. At the same time the Living Room of Intangible Cultural Heritage called Hashi has made every effort to interpret policies on rural revival and has used its strengths to truly achieve the dissemination and development of related knowledge and skills in rural areas.

He has added hand embroidery skills to the customization work of clothes. At the same time they have added modern design in making Ting kiln.

They have increased the industrialization of intangible cultural heritage products. So that it can be made an important industry, which can improve the standard of living of the local people.

Apart from this, the living room of this intangible cultural heritage also organizes various events regularly. In these programs people experience things like pottery, design and production of clothes, hand embroidery etc.

This intangible cultural heritage living room has also conducted several intangible cultural skills training courses to popularize the related knowledge and enhance the intangible cultural heritage.

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