The real problem is our attitude towards a problem Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty

Actress and yoga expert Shilpa Shetty on Monday said the real problem is the attitude of a person towards a problem. On Instagram, the actress, who is now recovering from a leg fracture on the sets of Rohit Shetty’s web series ‘Indian Police Force’, posted a video clip in which she is doing some yoga asanas in her wheel chair.

He Also Wrote, “Is the Problem Really the Problem or is our Attitude Towards the Problem the Real Problem?”

“This thought got me thinking this morning.. Why should an injury prevent me from enjoying my routine? And so, I decided not to give it that power.”

“Today’s Yoga Session Includes A Very Simple and Easy Pose:

Tiryaka Tadasana (Waving Palm Tree Pose). It stimulates bowel movements, provides a good stretch, which improves flexibility. “

“This was followed by Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose). This not only improves body posture, but also stretches the shoulders and triceps. Plus, it helps to open up the chest and lungs.”

“Don’t limit your stretches and flexes to Monday mornings. Make sure even these basics are part of your routine.”

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