Thug Used Id of High Court Chief Justice For Messaging

High Court

An unidentified thug, who masquerades as Justice Rajesh Bindal, Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court, has been sending fake WhatsApp messages to lawyers for the past one month asking them to buy Amazon gift cards through links forwarded to their numbers. Is.

The Thug Has Put the Chief Justice’s Photo As His Profile Picture

Since most of the lawyers do not have the personal number of the Chief Justice in their cell phone contact list, when the thugs forwarded messages on their WhatsApp numbers posing as the Chief Justice, they were initially unintentional. came in.

Senior advocate of the state government and former Additional Advocate General Bulbul Godiyal is among the senior lawyers who have received such WhatsApp messages from the thugs.

In This Regard, He Has Lodged An FIR At Vibhuti Khand Police Station

He said, “On July 25, I received a message on my WhatsApp number. When I asked him about his identity, the person introduced himself as the Chief Justice. Since the Chief Justice’s number is my cell phone’s contact. Was not on the list, I initially thought that person was the Chief Justice.”

Bulbul is also the Secretary of the Arbitration and Conciliation Organizing Committee of the Lucknow High Court and felt that the Chief Justice wanted to know something related to her work.

“But as soon as the person on the other end started texting about the Amazon gift card, I realized he was a fraud,” Godiyal said.

Superintendent of Police, Cyber ​​Crime, Lucknow, Triveni Singh Said That the Investigation is on in the Matter

Singh said, “An FIR has been registered at Vibhuti Khand police station. After preliminary investigation, the cell number from which the WhatsApp messages were being sent is located in Rajasthan.”

Senior advocate Jaideep Mathur also received messages of financial fraud. “These are clearly fake messages. All we should do is block and report such messages on WhatsApp. This is what I have done,” Mathur said.

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