Top IT Companies In India – 15 Tech Giants That You Must Know About!

Top IT Companies In India

Are you looking for IT companies? If yes, this article is for you. We have listed some of the best companies providing the best IT services like website development, app development, AI, Machine learning (ML), Data engineering.

This piece of article is designed to provide you with an updated list of the best IT companies in India. Below, you will find the name of top IT companies in India. This is no surprise that IT companies in India are rapidly adding to the growth of the nation on a global scale. As per the latest update, IT firms in India provide jobs to 40 Lakh people. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s get right to the list of Top IT Companies in India –

TCS Company (TATA Consultancy Services)

TCS Company Top IT Companies in India

TCS – Tata consultancy services) is one of the popular companies that is renowned for multiple services across the globe. It is an Indian multinational information technology consultancy that has its headquarter in Mumbai. Considering its revenue and strength TCS company has become the second top information technology company of India. The array of services it provides include application development, assurance services. Business process outsourcing services, cloud infrastructure, engineering and industrial services, automation, AI, etc. 

Net revenue – 1.615 trillion INR
Number of employees – 4 Lakh+

 Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant Technology Solutions Top IT Companies in India

Cognizant Technology Solution is an American company that has established their foot in India for providing excellent IT services. This company sells digital products based on cloud solutions. Along with selling products, the company also provides IT consulting, application development, ITO, and BPO services. This is not all, Cognizant also provides business intelligence, digital engineering, CRM, supply chain, and data analytics solutions. 

Net revenue – INR 1680 crores 
Number of employees – 2,81,500


Infosys Top IT Companies in India

Infosys is one of the renowned IT companies in India that has 50 offices all across the globe. It was the 1st Indian IT company that was listed on NASDAQ. This name is known for its consistency in maintaining the position among the IT companies in India. The reason why Infosys has grown its strength and have rooted as one of the best IT companies is its constant investment in R&D (research and development). The company has incorporated the rule of embracing all the changes and next-gen tech solutions. 

Net Revenue – Rs. 93594 Crores 
Number of Employees – 200364 


Wipro Top IT Companies in India

While looking for the best IT company in India, Wipro always comes up on the top. It is one of the companies that have around 160,000+ employees with offices spread across 6 different continents. Wipro is the first software technology and service company in India that achieved ISP 4001 certificate in 2002. The services this company is renowned for include data science, analytics, and machine learning services. Back in 2010, the company was ranked 1st in the Asian sustainability rating. 

Net Revenue – Rs. 63862 Crores 
Number of Employees – 166790

HCL Technologies 

HCL Technologies Top IT Companies in India

HCL is one of the prominent names in India when it comes to IT companies in India. With a workforce of 117,000+ employees, Mindtree is one of the successful companies providing services such as cybersecurity, analytics, etc. This company provides services in different sectors including the automotive industry, electronics, aerospace, and even the banking industry. Banks including Deutsche are clients of HCL. 

Sales – Rs. 712.6 billion 
Number of employees – 1,50,000

Tech Mahindra Ltd. India

Tech Mahindra Top IT Companies in India

Tech Mahindra is the one company that is renowned for its connected approach across the globe. This company is famous for its innovative approach and is helping businesses flourish and reshape them in the technology front. Cloud computing, AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), IoT, and robotics are some of the services that Tech Mahindra offers to all its clients. So, if one talks about the best IT companies in India, Tech Mahindra is the one name that always pops up on the list. 

Revenue – Rs. 35,119 crores 
Total Strength – 125,700

Hexaware Technologies Ltd

HTL, Hexaware Technologies Ltd is one of the emerging IT companies in India that is renowned for multiple services including BPO, IT, & consulting services. Running with the motto of helping businesses automate everything, introduce cloud computing, and transforming customer experience, HTL has around 33 offices across the globe. 

Revenue – Rs. 5,306 Crores 
Total number of employees – 18,294

Mphasis Ltd 

Mphasis Top IT Companies in India

Established in 1992, Mphasis is renowned for multiple services across the globe for IT services. Based in Bangalore, the company provides application services including development, maintenance as well as support. They usually provide services to the healthcare, financial, government, transport, and manufacturing businesses. Mphasis has around 60 offices in 19 different countries. 

Net Revenue – INR 7,907 crores 
Number of employees – 22,239 

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Top IT Companies in India

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd is one of the Indian IT firms that has left its mark on the global scale for the quality of work they provide. Their IT services are recognized all around the globe for its quality. So, if you are looking for a company for any kind of IT services, this is the right place for you to go. 

Net revenue – 11,207 crores 
Number of employees – 31,437

Mindtree Technologies 

Mindtree Technologies Top IT Companies in India

Operating in India as one of the successful IT companies, Mindtree is one of the most renowned names in the IT sector of the country. There are many services that this company is famous for – including digital transformation as well as all other tech-solutions. Their operation is completely client-oriented, keeping clients happy and satisfactory is the main thing that Mindtree is renowned for. Some of the prominent clients of the company include – IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, etc. Be it social media services or analytics solutions, they provide all these services. 

Net sales – Rs. 7839 Crores 
Total number of employees – 16000+ 

Redington India Ltd

Redington Top IT Companies in India

Redington India Ltd. was established in 1993. Its experience in working in the supply chain industry has led it to the top. Moving from its 1st client, the company today is handling around 220 huge international brands in IT. With advancements in technology and introduction of the new ones such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Data analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), and Robotics, Redington is becoming more and more successful. 

Net Revenue – Rs. 47,996 Crores 
Number of Employees – 1561

Coforge Technologies 

Coforge Technologies Top IT Companies in India

Coforge is one of the best IT firms in India that is famously known for their IT services. With head office in Gurugram this company is famous for multiple IT companies. They provide different services including digital innovations, digital process automations, digital interactive services, application management, AI, data analytics, data engineering, cloud services, cyber security, infrastructure management, etc.

Net Revenue – INR 558.10 Crores
Number of Employees – 10,000

Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd 

Tudip Technologies Top IT Companies in India

Tudip technologies is one of the renowned platforms that is located in Pune. This company provides different software solutions. The company is quite extraordinary when it comes to software solutions. 

Number of employees – 431
Net Revenue – INR 35 Crores 

Web Clues Infotech

Web Clues Infotech Top IT Companies in India

WebClues Infotech is a famous web development & mobile app development company in India that was established in 2014. Their team works on developing different websites and interfaces. Their services include website development, app development, eCommerce development etc. 

Number of employees – 150
Net Revenue – INR 131 Crores 

Magneto IT Solutions 

Magneto Top IT Companies in India

Magneto IT solutions, established in 2009, is one of the most trusted IT companies located in India. With their speciality in eCommerce development, mobile app development, chatbots, digital marketing services, website development. 

Number of employees – 100 
Net revenue – INR 300 crores


When it comes to the IT industry, India is growing its potential on the global scale. Right from IoT, robotics, AI, ML, Cloud computing, etc, India is stepping up in all the emerging technologies today. With so many IT experts in the country, India is helping businesses from all across the globe to excel in the technical front. If you are here, you must be looking for the list of top IT companies in India. Above, we have listed all the reputable IT companies in the country playing at different fronts of the IT industry. 

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