Train Workers Stopped At Shivaji Station Amid Congress’s Satyagraha at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar


Congress leaders and workers are holding a satyagraha at Jantar Mantar against the Modi government’s Agnipath plan and ED’s action by Rahul Gandhi, while on the other hand, Indian Youth Congress workers have stopped the train at Shivaji railway station against the Agnipath plan.

The workers have made it clear that till the government does not withdraw this scheme, the demonstration will continue in this manner.

Heavy Police Force is Present At the Railway Station, Which is Trying to Clear the Workers

Senior leaders of all parties have participated in the Satyagraha against Agnipath and are constantly targeting the government.

Against this plan, opposition and hundreds of youth are demanding to withdraw this scheme, while on the other hand Lieutenant General Anil Puri has made it clear that, this plan will not be returned under any circumstances.

To join the army, the first requirement is discipline, so the youth should calm down and understand the plan.

In fact, since the announcement of the Agnipath scheme by the central government on Tuesday, fierce protests are going on in many states.

Today is the fifth day of the demonstration. In the past four days, protesters torched train coaches and damaged public properties in several areas. During this, one person also died in Telangana.

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